In conjunction with its plan to target the global digital assets market in 2020, DB3 Digital Bank is setting up its 1st Asia Pacific VIP lounge in Bangkok, Thailand. This marks DB3’s first foothold in the Asia Pacific Region and the VIP lounge provides a point of contact for its many high net-worth clients in this region.

DB3 International Holding Limited is an UK entity and its core businesses include digital currency, block-chain and banking. Its banking license is registered in The Dominican Republic with operations as a private offshore bank, primarily catering to institutions or High Net-Worth Individuals, providing them with global digital assets investment and management services.

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According to source, DB3’s VIP lounge will be housed in the Show DC Block-chain Shopping Arena at Rama 9 district.  It is reported that Rama 9 District is a key business area the Thai government has been developing in recent years. They are said to be very committed in building this area into Bangkok’s newest CBD cluster and position it as the new ASEAN Financial District. In addition to the many commercial buildings and hotels we can find in Rama 9, there are also many heavyweight companies and institutions such as the Thai Stock Exchange, Fortune E-Mall, and the Chinese Embassy in this area.

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Responding to the Thai government’s positioning of Rama 9 as the Asean Financial District, DB3 proceeded to set up its first Asia Pacific VIP lounge in the district as a show of support. The designing concept of DB3 Asia Pacific VIP Lounge will be a combination of elegance, comfy and serene. It is built as a get-together place for DB3 VIPs to come to relax or meet friends. Wines and refreshments are available for all VIPs and accompanied guests. Conference rooms are also available for business discussion use.

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In addition, it is understood that this VIP lounge in Bangkok will be the first but not last in the long list of VIP lounges in the Group’s long-term planning. DB3 plans to open multiple DB3 VIP lounges all over Asia to meet the upcoming demands of its high net-worth clients in this region.

We have now arrived at the second stage of the development of digital currency. The first stage where amateurs worldwide were starting to learn about digital currency investment is over. Now more and more people already knew about bitcoin and other digital currencies and how to invest in them. The digital currency market has officially entered into the second phase, Digital Currency Banking! DB3 Digital Bank, aided by this trend will continue to expand its business globally with a focus on the Asia Pacific Region. With its advance digital asset management model and its simple applications, DB3 looks to keep things simple for its clients as it continue its phenomenal rise to the top.

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