The effectiveness of the NAACP in the fight for civil rights is wellknown. Less wellknown is the life and story of its first president, lawyer Moorfield Storey. Author Elvis Slaughter is set to change that with the engaging book “Moorfield.” Elvis Slaughter book traces the remarkable story of Moorfield Storey.

July, 24, 2022- The early fight for civil rights for black people in America is filled with excitement, danger, courage, Jim Crow laws, lynching, and court battles, and has no shortage of learning lessons that still empower today. Author, NAACP activist and criminologist Elvis Slaughter understands this deeply. Following up well-received work in the fiction and nonfiction world alike, Slaughter has turned his attention to a figure who helped set the stage for early civil rights activism in his newrelease. “Moorfield,” Slaughter’s new book, is a remarkable look at the life of Moorfield Storey. Storey, a white lawyer, who, in his role as the NAACP’s first president, set the stage for a tradition of modern activism for civil rights that continues to be vibrant today.

“This is an important piece of history that should not be forgotten,” commented the enthusiastic author. “Moorfield should not be forgotten. His role in the NAACP was a courageous one. I believe many who are not familiar with it, and even those who are, will find it difficult to put my new book down. Moorfield died the same year Martin Luther King was born, which can give a good perspective on how he was a true visionary who took great risks for civil rights early.”

The new release from Slaughter is certainly a timely one for the United States. So many issues of equality and social justice are still being worked on and need to be positively resolved. And with the story of Moorfield Storey, a powerful example is delivered showing how people from all communities can have a role to play in making America a better place to live.

“Moorfield”isavailable in hardback format (ISBN: 978-1-7360506-3-7, $25.99). The book isavailable at,, and everywhere books are sold.

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Elvis Slaughter, MSCJ, enjoys writing works of fiction and nonfiction based on his extensive criminology experience. He is the author of several published articles and 11books. Elvis is a lifetime member of the NAACP, educator, and community activist.

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