MOUNTRAX, a leader in producing top notch, innovative lifestyle products, is excited to offer unbeatable Prime Day deals on its popular massagers. This Prime Day, enhance your wellness routine with special prices on the MOUNTRAX Foot Massager, Back Massager with Heat, and 5 in 1 Electric Scalp Massager. These premium products, designed for deep relaxation and pain relief, are available at limited-time discounts, making it the perfect time to invest in your health and comfort. 

MOUNTRAX Foot Massager with Heat: Perfect for anyone seeking relief from plantar fasciitis or daily foot pain, this exclusive brand Foot Massager with Heat offers deep kneading Shiatsu massage that targets the key pressure points. This device fits feet up to men’s size 12 and provides soothing heat to enhance your massage experience. It serves as the ideal gift for both men and women who appreciate the benefits of therapeutic foot care. 

For MOUNTRAX Foot Massager, you will get 25% OFF and  the final price will be $105.99 (Save $74) 

MOUNTRAX Back Massager with Heat: Experience full-body relief with the MOUNTRAX Back Massager with Heat. This portable shiatsu neck and back massager features 3D deep tissue kneading to alleviate neck, back, and shoulder pain. Its ergonomic design and soothing heat function make it a must-have for anyone seeking to reduce muscle tension and stress. This versatile massager is a thoughtful gift for both men and women, promoting smooth relaxation and wellness at home or on the go. 

For MOUNTRAX Back Massager, your will get 20% OFF and the final price will be $55.99  (Save $14) 

MOUNTRAX 5 in 1 Electric Scalp Massager: Revitalize your scalp and body with the MOUNTRAX 5 in 1 Electric Scalp Massager. Equipped with 88 massage nodes, two styles, and three speed modes, this massager offers deep cleansing and stimulates hair growth while providing comprehensive relief. Its portability and heating function make it an excellent tool for promoting overall well-being and relaxation, whether at home or traveling. 

For MOUNTRAX Scalp Massager, you will get 30% OFF and the final price will be $32.19   (Save $14) 

Please note that, during Amazon Prime Day 2024/7/16-17, MOUNTRAX is offering up to $74 discount for massagers like Foot Massager, Back Massager and Scalp Massager. 

Why Choose MOUNTRAX? 

MOUNTRAX has quickly become synonymous with innovation and high quality in the wellness industry. The company’s commitment to research, development, and design ensures that each product is crafted to enhance users’ health and lifestyle. From the renowned foot massager to the advanced scalp massager, MOUNTRAX provides effective solutions for achieving better well-being. 

Don’t miss out on MOUNTRAX’s top-rated massagers this Prime Day! Enjoy deep relief with the Foot Massager, ease neck and back pain with the Back Massager, and revitalize with the Scalp Massager. These exclusive deals make it the perfect time to gift yourself or a loved one the benefits of professional-grade massage therapy at home. Celebrate Prime Day by investing in your health and comfort! These Massager are available at Pocket-Friendly rate. 


Established in 2021, MOUNTRAX is dedicated to the research, development, and design of innovative lifestyle products that enhance well-being. Committed to pushing the boundaries of wellness technology, the company aims to inspire customers around the globe to achieve better health and relaxation. 

MOUNTRAX’s carefully curated range of  products includes advanced foot massagers that provide deep kneading relief for foot pain, and back massagers that alleviate tension and stress. scalp massagers that promote hair growth and relaxation, Each product is meticulously designed to offer professional-grade therapeutic benefits, making wellness accessible and enjoyable for everyone. MOUNTRAX continues to lead the industry with its focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, helping people live healthier, more relaxed lives.  

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For more information on MOUNTRAX and its amazing products, and to take advantage of these Prime Day deals, visit their Amazon store and website.

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